Japan Consumer Electronics Stats: Sharp and Sony Smart TVs Dominant

Japan Consumer Electronics Stats Sharp and Sony Smart TVs Dominant

Tokyo-based BCN Corporation, a consumer electronics research firm, announced the results of their survey on Thursday.

Upon studying the sales patterns of 117 digital home appliances, the survey included data from the first half of the year.

Liquid crystal display or LCD TV sales above the 4K resolution segment demonstrated a growth of 133.2 percent. On the other hand, those below the 2K resolution decreased to 92 percent and is lower than last year.

Concerning the LCD TV market segment brands, Sharp has the largest market share in the 4K resolution category, reaching 31.5 percent.

As for the 2K resolution, the Hon Hai Precision Industry subsidiary is also dominant and holds 37.1 percent market share, an increase of 5.7 points from last year.

In the OLED TV segment, Sony dominates with a market share of 39.9 percent. For the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) segment, the Japanese consumer electronics brand is also ascendant with its 35.7 percent market share.

The survey also included other major product categories like smartphones. A steady double-digit sales growth of 115 percent was observed from January to June of this year. The SIM-Free model sales decreased and is recorded at 90.7 percent.

Apple dominates the Japanese smartphone market. The California-based consumer electronics giant has captured the lion’s share of the market at 64.8 percent.

As for the tablet market, Apple also holds substantial amounts of market shares, pegged at 40.5 percent and is considered the highest rate.

On the other hand, Chinese brand Huawei’s market share in the SIM-free smartphone segment accounts for 41.8 percent.

BCN Corporation’s statistics described digital home appliances, 32 of which were software and 85 were hardware. Aside from numbers pertaining to digital electronics, the Japanese market research company also included names of digital home appliances manufacturers.

The actual sales scenario presented the sales volume of the digital consumer electronics market in the first half of 2018 pegged at 98.2 percent compared with the same period last year.

This shows lower figures but the sales amount is higher than the previous year and was recorded at 103.9 percent.

BCN Incorporated is a market research company in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1981, among the foci of the group is the engagement in research and reporting about the IT and consumer electronics markets. It has an overseas bureau in Shanghai, China.

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