Connected TV Ads: KPIs Awareness, Communication, and Transparency

Connected TV Ads KPIs Awareness, Communication, and Transparency

Connected TV advertising is having resurgence today. This is despite being on the brink of extinction due to the rise of video streaming and cord-cutting.

Cord-nevers and cordcutters have made connected TV advertising recover its importance. These types of viewers possess diverse standards and preferences.

Digital budgets, teams, strategies, and linear TV have been around for years. These have relegated connected TV advertising as something irrelevant, making it seek its rightful position within the digital marketing organization.

Hence, three issues show that marketing departments need to change their operations to accommodate connected TV advertising as well.

First, advertisers may question if money should come from digital advertising or TV advertising. The better option is to define key performance indicators (KPIs) and consumer objectives from the start.

Then, depending on campaign targets, advertising profits should come from a little bit of both TV advertising and digital advertising. KPIs should be allowed to drive advertising budgets, instead of disagreeing over the source of the advertising dollars.

The battle between the digital and linear groups will dissipate then, as they will apply goals-based connected TV advertising budgeting.

Second, constant and more open communication should be facilitated between brands, agency partners, and vendors. This is to address the intricate nature of advertising objectives.

Finally, the silos mindset should be abolished. Recent research showed that 58 percent of marketers intend to invest in OTT and connected TV. However, a mere 53 percent is eager to share their digital video and TV techniques.

This situation in which certain departments withhold information from others is not productive.

Sharing similar KPI and measurement capabilities is necessary for OTT, digital, linear, and connected TVs to work in synergy.

The responsibility lies with advertisers to see to it that creative, video, and digital teams communicate constantly. Media buyers should also cooperate with creative groups.

This shall guarantee that all teams involved in making the advertisements will have enough time to complete the projects properly. Hence, connected TV advertising projects will be accomplished smoothly from start to finish.

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