Backlash from Livid Customers as Virgin Media Axes UKTV Channels

Backlash from Livid Customers as Virgin Media Axes UKTV Channels

About four million customers of Virgin Media are irate after finding out that UKTV channels like Dave and Gold were removed from service. The cause of this, according to the British telephone, TV, and Internet service provider, is a business conflict.

Among the free-to-air channels that disappeared are Drama, Home, Dave, Yesterday, and Really. The paid channels like Good Food, Gold, Eden, W, and Alibi were scrapped as well.

These channels’ fans are furious because they are unable to watch their favorite programs like “Harrow,” the successful “Red Dwarf,” “Taskmaster,” and “Judge Romesh.”

The Dave channel carried on commissioning four new series after screening the original BBC shows of “Red Dwarf.”  A much-anticipated fifth season is purportedly forthcoming.

Virgin Media added ten channels on Monday, July 23. Aiming to ease the backlash due to the loss of UKTV channels, the new channel lineup includes History, Paramount, and Vice.

Furthermore, there is YourTV, Crime and Investigation, Quest, Lifetime +1, True Entertainment +1, FreeSports, Horse and Country, and NOW 80s.

The viewers are losing out. But they have the option to get those channels back again. To be able to retrieve the lost channels, viewers can check their TVs.

All display models manufactured after 2010 possess built-in access to Freeview, the UK’s digital terrestrial TV platform. This service is accessible once the TV is connected to a functioning aerial.

Viewers can watch 85 channels free of charge under the Freeview service.  These channels include the 16 which are not available in Virgin Media’s “player” bundle.

The disputed channels have been removed due to UKTV’s rift with Virgin Media. UKTV, which is jointly-owned by Discovery, Incorporated and BBC Studios, argued that it could not take the “drastic” price slash Virgin Media was imposing.

A BBC Studios representative remarked that they fully support the stance of the UKTV management. Virgin Media reportedly accused the British multi-channel broadcaster of using the channels for profiteering.

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