Programming Investment to Boost HBO under New AT&T Management

Programming Investment to Boost HBO under New AT&T Management

Casey Bloys, the programming executive of HBO, has rejected the notion that the cable channel will not be in good hands under AT&T, its new management.

Delivering a speech at a TV critics’ meeting, Bloys remarked that opting for volume instead of quality for HBO’s content is not a part of the company’s agenda.

Bloys said that there had been no requests of taking pitches of a reboot of “Love Boat” or other related shows. The HBO chief mentioned the positive remarks made by John Stankey on an earnings call last Tuesday.

Stankey oversees the new AT&T arm, which comprises assets like HBO and other Time Warner media assets. He announced that the objective is to focus more on investing in premium content at HBO. Bloys reacted by saying that Stankey’s words were “music to our ears.”

Earlier this month, AT&T completed the deal acquiring Time Warner for $85 billion. Prior to this settlement, Bloys said that Time Warner had clipped investments in programming.

This was due to the media firm’s preparation for its sale to AT&T. He disclosed that this is the first time in a quite a while that someone is actually discussing plans to invest in programming.

HBO is the popular channel behind several premium shows, including “Westworld,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Big Little Lies.” However, it is currently facing tough times due to the big-spending streaming newcomers like Amazon and Netflix.

With the recent announcement of Emmy nominees, Netflix put an end to the 17-year record of HBO as the most nominated channel. The streaming giant bagged 112 nominations compared to HBO’s 108. Bloys was not surprised with the results, attributing this to Netflix’s overall volume of programming.

Bloys argued that receiving four less nominations was not changing the kind of shows that HBO is developing and producing at all.

Nevertheless, he confirmed that the pay TV network is, indeed, facing the challenge of making more shows without altering its approach. Bloys said that this is the issue that they are tackling now under the new management.

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