Summer Sizzles with Top 5 Netflix Series This August

Summer Sizzles with Top 5 Netflix Series This August

Summer fun will be in full-blast this August as Netflix US releases its top five original series. Streaming fans should free up their schedule to enjoy this season’s exciting new shows.

First are the new seasons for contents like “The 100.” This show is slated to have its season five this August. Fans of “Young and Hungry” will also look forward to more of this program because it is similarly having its season five this summer.

As for “The Good Place,” it is scheduled for season two. “The Comedy Lineup” will have its second part this coming month. This Netflix original offers promising comedians an opportunity to showcase their talents live in front of a small audience in a 15-minute show.

Meanwhile, the season seven of “Voltron: Legendary Defender” is coming on August 10. “Paradise PD” is a new Netflix adult original. From the creators of “Brickleberry,” viewers who like surreal animation would surely look forward to it.

Here are the top five Netflix Original series coming this August:

1) “Insatiable” is a Netflix original arriving on August 10. The series concentrates on a disgraced and disenchanted civil lawyer who transforms into a beauty pageant coach.

Coming to the rescue of a bullied teenager who plans to avenge herself, the lawyer helps the adolescent by joining a beauty tilt. The unwitting teenager has no clue on what her legal counsel is about to do.

2) The season two of “Ozark” is arriving in Netflix US on August 31. With Jason Bateman and Laura Linney portraying the lead characters, this series focuses on the life of Marty Byrde.

He is a financial planner who transfers his family from their Chicago home to a summer resort village in the Ozarks when a money laundering ploy goes awry. “Ozark” is a gripping drama filled with twists and turns that will make the audience want to know who the true villains are.

3) Coming on August 3, “Marching Orders” is a new reality show about the members of a leading college marching band.

Their day-to-day life drama, including their memorization of routines, their struggle to retain their positions, how they deal with their social lives, and how they claimed their victory in the competition, are presented in this riveting original series.

4) “Follow This” is arriving in Netflix US on August 23.  With more than 20 episodes, each show is presented for 15 minutes and was produced in collaboration with New York City-based Internet media and news company, BuzzFeed.

Concentrating on the reporters of BuzzFeed News, this short-form documentary series highlights the lives of these journalists, particularly how they conduct reports on various stories.

5) An original brainchild of “The Simpsons” creator, Matt Groening, “Disenchantment” is about the misadventures of Bean, an alcoholic and rebellious princess, together with her spirited dwarf friend named Elfo, and her personal demon named Luci.

The bewitching journey of the eccentric group includes their encounters of trolls, ogres, harpies, walruses, sprites, imps, and plenty of human cretins. “Disenchantment” comes to the Netflix audience on August 17.

As vacationers plan the most excellent summer of their lives, it seems that it will definitely be one of the best moments. Netflix will bring color to the summer with its new lineup of sundry, exciting content.


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