Walmart Confirms Streaming Service Ambition to Compete with Netflix

Walmart Confirms Streaming Service Ambition to Compete with Netflix

Walmart has verified its resolute intent to introduce its own video streaming service to rival established providers like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Earlier this month, it has given hints of this agenda.

To begin fulfilling its plan, the retail giant has sought the advice of Mark Greenberg, the former chief executive officer of satellite TV network and premium cable service, Epix.

Given his track record, Greenberg is reckoned to be highly qualified for the role. He shall help in developing the streaming platform for Walmart.

Since the retail company’s plans are quite very much still in the nascent stages, Walmart and Greenberg are still not revealing too much information.

The upcoming streaming service of Walmart will reportedly operate independently from Vudu.  The latter is the video service which Walmart acquired in 2010, with the desire of strengthening its smart TV services.

The costing and lineup of content are designed for the retail behemoth’s core consumer demographic in “Middle America.”

Walmart’s streaming service will be affordable.  It is said to be eyeing a subscription fee in the neighborhood of $8 monthly, making it $2 cheaper than Netflix’s subscription price.

At this point, it is still undetermined if Walmart intends to serve its customers original content like its would-be competitors.

Original TV shows and films are the lifeblood of every streaming service.  These contents play a key role as they are the deciding factor persuading subscribers to avail the monthly service.

While Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix serve all types of viewing amusement, it is still to be determined how Walmart will stand out from its rivals.

The retail firm may decide its video streaming offering to be a niche choice, like horror film streaming provider, Shudder. However, this may restrict its audience.

Apparently, it will be a rough road for Walmart as a streaming neophyte. Being responsible for 73 percent of all streaming activities in the United States based on Comscore’s statistics, Netflix will certainly be a formidable rival.

It would obviously take a substantial amount of time and effort to ouster the incumbent streaming juggernaut. Even Amazon cannot accomplish such feat at this point with centi-billionaire Jeff Bezos at the helm.


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