‘Disneyflix’ Streaming Service Brewing to Topple Netflix

'Disneyflix' Streaming Service Brewing to Topple Netflix

Disney is on its way to building its streaming service. The move is said to help regain its TV audience and to compete with mainstream platforms like Netflix.

Within their vast cable TV markets, Disney is responding to declining viewership numbers by entering the streaming bandwagon as soon as possible.

With a still to be a determined name, the brewing service is dubbed by the New York Times as “Disneyflix,” reporting that Hollywood insiders have labeled the forthcoming platform as such already.

It is highly likely that the company’s independent streaming platform will be introduced next year. Various reports mentioned that the streaming service will be powered by BAMTech technology for its interface.

Platforms such as HBO Now, HBO Go, PlayStation VUE, the MLB Network, and WWE Network had previously employed BAMTech.

A significant development that was included lately in the aforementioned NYT news is about Ricky Strauss, the marketing head of Disney.

Disney company executives gave him all the “creative oversight” for the Disney streaming service which is now in the pipeline.

Strauss was greatly responsible for the successful promotion of major movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Black Panther, Beauty and the Beast, and other Disney blockbusters.

He will eventually be in charge of approving the series and films which will be available for viewing in the streaming service.

The designation of Strauss to such position exudes the faith given to him by the Disney administrators. It also means that the success of the streaming service is in his hands.

Such situation gives immense pressure to Strauss to perform his job best. Nevertheless, the exceptionally triumphant marketing honcho is most probably open to the challenging task ahead, given his impeccable track record.

Disney has a plethora of content for its viewers. It has a back catalog of Disney-themed TV programs, original content, spinoffs, straight-to-video sequels, and classic animated movies.

Furthermore, it is at the helm of ESPN and ABC, plus Lucasfilm and Marvel exclusives. Disney’s recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox gives it the license to each TV and movie of the entertainment company.

Thus, it’s a possibility that shows from those channels, Star Wars, Marvel content, and The Simpsons may also be available in the new streaming service.


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