Movies Anywhere and Microsoft Unite to Enhance Movie Experiences

Movies Anywhere and Microsoft Unite to Enhance Movie Experiences

Movies Anywhere and Microsoft TV and Movies have forged an alliance which facilitates their customers’ growing collection of and easy access to films.

By just syncing their Microsoft account with Movies Anywhere, film aficionados will be able to centralize their much-loved digital films purchased from Movies Anywhere branches and Microsoft.

Karin Gilford, Movies Anywhere’s General Manager, affirmed that their ardent movie fans certainly looked forward to their partnership with Microsoft.

On behalf of the company, she said that they are quite thrilled to receive the support from the technology giant. The Movies Anywhere executive proudly described the movie service provider which fast and effortlessly gathers together fans’ film collection.

Gilford said that since their launching in October 2017, their customers have stored over 135 million films on their application. Through the Microsoft collaboration, quality and content continue to expand.

The Movies Anywhere makes easy access to digital film collections possible literally anywhere through a cross-platform application. The app features more than 7,500 digital films for sale.

For instance, consumers can avail of today’s most-awaited film, “Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut” with 15 minutes of jokes and new action.

Aside from movies, the Movies Anywhere website and application enable Microsoft customers to gain access to their favorite films from the major movie studios of Hollywood.

These include Twentieth Century Fox Film, Warner Brothers, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Furthermore, film studios like The Walt Disney Studios, which comprises Pixar, Lucasfilm, Disney, and Marvel Studios, as well as Universal Pictures, which includes Illumination Entertainment and Dreamworks, are now within the customers’ reach.

Popular browsers and platforms like Windows 10, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Android and Android TV devices all enable customers to watch their purchased digital films.

Xbox, Chromecast, and Apple gadgets like the iPad, iPhone, and iPad Touch work best for the customers, too.

Microsoft and Movies Anywhere are celebrating their powerful new partnership with two offerings running for a limited time only.

The first one is a chance to watch an exclusive sneak peek of “Deadpool 2.” The bonus feature entitled, “Until Your Face Hurts: Alt Takes,” enables fans to get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes action by the cast as well as funny bloopers.

The second promo is, through August 28, customers who connect their account with Microsoft for the first time will automatically qualify them in getting “X-Men: Days of Future Past” in their digital video collection.

Users can also avail of this promo from other participating digital sellers. For now, Movies Anywhere operates in the United States only. The Walt Disney Company manages this cloud-based streaming service platform is managed.


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