More Details about the Upcoming Disney Streaming Service Leaked

More Details about the Upcoming Disney Streaming Service Leaked

Additional information about the forthcoming streaming platform of Disney has been released. Interested parties in the streaming service have been calling the unnamed platform “Disneyflix” lately as only limited details were publicized about this new development.

These recent pieces of information include Ricky Strauss’s significant designation in its creative oversight management and that the streaming service will be Disney’s response to streaming giant, Netflix.

On Tuesday, a new information has surfaced. According to CEO Robert Iger, the streaming service will be the entertainment company’s priority for 2019. This is to salvage its TV business from on-going threats from new media.

Disney shared that the subscription price for its service will be more affordable than Netflix. However, the exact fee was not revealed.

Moreover, the content that will be available for streaming will comprise Marvel and Star Wars films. However, the original movies will not be exclusive to the streaming offering.

For 10 episodes, the latest live-action “Star Wars” movie created by “Iron Man” and “The Jungle Book” writer, Jon Favreau, will cost roughly $100 million. The figure is considered minimal if juxtaposed to the “Star Wars” movies in feature-length.

Nonetheless, the $100 million amount certainly places the content in the same price league as programs like “Game of Thrones” and “Altered Carbon.”

Favreau expressed his delight regarding the news of his creative work to be streamed on the Disney platform. He affirmed that the upcoming streaming service is a marvelous opportunity for storytelling that “stretches out over multiple chapters.”

Given the cutthroat competition in the streaming business, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix have devoted large budgets into their content offerings.

Strauss is mindful of this, remarking that quality will be a crucial factor. Nevertheless, Disney is not necessarily considering its streaming platform to be a win-lose situation with its rivals.

The service will be for families without R-rated shows. Furthermore, it will be a supplement to Disney’s sports streaming application, ESPN+, and Hulu, which targets a mature audience and is integrated to Disney as a component of the Fox deal.


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