NBC Universal’s New Mobile News App Is Video Clips-Oriented

NBC Universal's New Mobile News App Is Video Clips-Oriented

The news arm of NBC Universal has altered some of the features of its text-heavy news mobile application, making it a video-oriented one. With hopes to multiply its monthly viewing to twofold or 8 million, the reboot is also targeted to increase loyal viewers.

The application audiences of NBC News make up a small segment. However, it is active especially apropos to video content, making it similar to other news publishers.

Moritz Gimbel, Vice-President of Product for NBC Universal’s digital news assets, shared that, in one month, the NBC News application rakes in roughly 20 million visits.

Moreover, the average time for its video watch on the mobile application is six minutes. This figure is lengthier as compared to the watch time on the mobile websites of NBC News.

On Monday, August 13, the new edition of the news mobile application will be available. It will supplant the previous text-filled newsfeed layout.

Above all, the video clips will be the main feature of the application’s new version. Presented in tiles and in silent mode as default, users will be able to preview these clips placed above the application automatically.

Therefore, a selected video plays soon after and once it ends, another video will automatically start. The newsfeed’s new design enables the videos to be instantly viewed. This model, Gimbel described, was derived from other applications like Facebook.

Nick Ascheim, NBC News Digital’s Senior Vice-President, confirmed that it is more effortless to manage downloads with one application than with several of them. He said that NBC Universal’s News department intends to rationalize their application portfolio feasibly.

In response to the difficulty of downloading new applications, the updated news mobile application will also facilitate more shows from affiliated brands like the “Today” show and MSNBC.

Besides the new feature, NBC Universal desires its loyal application customers, now accounting to 40 percent, to increase in number. These are the people who use the application for approximately 12 times monthly.

Display advertisements from the home page of the application have been removed. This is a component of the agenda to grow video consumption and consumer loyalty.

NBC Universal’s rebooted news mobile application will be promoted on every broadcast on linear TV, Facebook, and the App Store of Apple.

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