C-SPAN on Community Investing and Awareness Mission in Hawaii

C-SPAN on Community Investing and Awareness Mission in Hawaii

Public affairs channel, Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, or C-SPAN, is on tour in Hawaii. The Washington, D.C.-based network is in the middle of its “50 Capitals Tour.”

On a mission to increase the public’s awareness of itself as a national cable and satellite TV network, C-SPAN also intends to invest in the Hawaiian communities.

On Wednesday, C-SPAN’s 45-foot bus arrived in Honolulu. The Hawaiian capital city is reported to be the 39th urban location which the network’s staff is visiting.

At the Hawaii State Capitol, the network’s representatives received a warm welcome. Afterward, the traveling group proceeded to the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii Spalding Clubhouse and the Damien Memorial School.

C-SPAN transformed its tour bus into a makeshift information bureau. The educative vehicle and mobile production contain everything that the public may want to know about the channel.

Elected officials, students, and community members are encouraged to participate by getting on-board the bus and around it where they can use interactive stations and tablets.

Speaking on behalf of C-SPAN, marketing representative Jenae Green expressed her delight for the public affairs network to be in the state of Hawaii.

She said that the company is exploring the Hawaiian Islands’ rich history and culture as well as investing in its local communities. She expressed that it is a part of giving back to the society.

Green described the content of the tour vehicle in detail. Bombarded with informative materials, it also includes a selfie station, documented videos, a 360 camera, and quizzes.

Besides, students and participants can engage with the network’s video library. The collection reportedly boasts 240,000 hours of videos with subjects ranging from civics, general information, and politics.

At the back of the tour bus, guests can also experience C-SPAN’s live studio programming. The ten-day Hawaiian bus trip will be from August 15 to 25 and will involve C-SPAN’s public affairs shows, footages of its current tour, and community events.

On October 6 to 7, all of the three C-SPAN networks will feature the programming, showing everything the tour group experienced in the Hawaiian mission.

The presentation will showcase various Hawaiian historians, locales, non-fiction writers, and public officials.


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