More Ad Dollars Push Amazon to Diversify Twitch

More Ad Dollars Push Amazon to Diversify Twitch

Amazon, the parent company of Twitch, is reshuffling the video game live streaming platform. The e-commerce giant intends to remove Twitch’s limitations.

Expanding it into something like YouTube with diversified content, Amazon wants Twitch to have the competitive edge over the hugely successful video-sharing platform owned by Google.

Attempting to “aggressively broaden” Twitch’s programming, Amazon is going after increasing its revenue on advertising. Twitch CEO Emmett Shear is reportedly targeting $1 billion in advertising sales for the video-gaming platform, aiming an over twofold gain than its latest sales revenue.

In recent months, Amazon has been coordinating and inking exclusive live streaming agreements with many well-known media organizations, creators, and influencers.

To achieve its agenda for Twitch, the collaborations are reported to comprise a chunk of future subscription revenue and advertising sales. Furthermore, the deals are reported to be worth multi-million dollars per year.

Amazon is tapping Hollywood A-lister, Will Smith, on the shoulder, motivating him to begin live streaming on Twitch. Lifestyle influencer, Gigi Gorgeous, which has an estimated 2.7 million YouTube subscribers, is also among the entities included in Amazon’s deal-making considerations.

Michael Aragon, Twitch’s senior vice president of content, confirmed that the streaming platform’s expansion is underway. He added that the original video game-oriented platform is bringing a steady inflow of new content.

Aragon affirmed that Twitch is attracting more users. These people are those interested in doing new activities in real-time, interactive entertainment.

Twitch has significant advantages which can propel it to succeed amid its reboot. In addition to being live, it is popular among male millennials.

In 2014, Amazon purchased Twitch which was initially concentrated on video games live streaming. The online retail company gradually modified the platform, launching the Twitch Creative platform.

This allowed people who are not video game aficionados to live stream on Twitch. Nevertheless, it remained concentrated on video gaming.

Twitch is famous for video game enthusiasts who stream their favorite players battle each other live on games like “Overwatch” and Fortnite.” Statistics also demonstrate that hundreds of thousands of viewers watch Ninja, Twitch’s superstar, daily.


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