Financially Troubled TStv Treats Audience, Assures Quality Service

Financially Troubled TStv Treats Audience, Assures Quality Service

The CEO of Telcomm Satellite TV (TStv), Nigeria’s fledgling pay-TV service provider, has announced that his company is giving the public a treat as a token of appreciation.

The declaration comes upon the confession that the cable TV company had been bedeviled by financial struggles since its launch last year.

In an open letter to the customers, Bright Echefu, TStv CEO, disclosed that the company has no intention of encrypting the TStv channels for now. In line with this, for another one month, prospective consumers can watch 45 of the company’s premium HD channels free of charge.

The company is offering this as a form of gratitude for the customers’ unwavering support to the embattled pay-TV provider.

Echefu also said that he wants the viewers to enjoy quality entertainment.  Hence, they are allowed to utilize any satellite dish.  This includes equipment used for other cable TV providers to follow Nigerian Communications Satellite (NigComSat).

In collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Communications and Intertel, Echefu said that the cable TV company was able to procure five 35.5MHz transponders on Nigcomsat.

The TStv executive assured its disgruntled customers that the company would get back on its feet to hurdle the troubles it has had with its operations.

Echefu announced that problems had beset TStv by since its official launch last November 1, 2017. The pay TV service arrived as a competitor for the dominant player, DStv.

The Nigerian pay TV consumers have had high expectations that the monopoly of the latter would be broken with the advent of TStv.

Nevertheless, they felt disappointed as severe delays confronted the new pay-TV company, preventing it from giving premium service to its subscribers.

After offering his apology to the customers, Echefu affirmed that the road has indeed been rough since the announcement of the official launch date of TStv. He admitted that the service provider was not prepared to face the cutthroat milieu surrounding the modern pay-TV industry.

Echefu confirmed that financial setbacks primarily stalled the company from delivering the best service that it promised to their subscribers.


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