SCTV is Now Live as City Info and Public Service Channel

SCTV is Now Live as City Info and Public Service Channel

Residents of Stamford, Connecticut, can now enjoy the convenience of having Stamford Connecticut TV (SCTV) keeping them up-to-date. On Tuesday, the official TV channel for the city was launched on Channel 79.

Cable and Internet service provider, Optimum, offers its tri-state (New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut) customers access to SCTV.

Viewers can be fully informed through the TV network as it presents news regarding the latest happenings in the City Hall as well as in single municipal governments.

SCTV is a milestone for Stamford. It cablecasts a bulletin board that features the Twitter feed, Facebook page, and website of the city.

In addition, the contact details for the tax office, the Youth Employment Services, the police department’s non-emergency hotline, the town clerk, and the senior center are displayed.

The new channel for the city is not only an informative outlet but also an all-around public service provider. Residents can pay their parking tickets, get an absentee ballot, or request for city services like repairing potholes through the TV network.

SCTV also gives details about the free trolley traversing Harbor Point, business hours of operation for the waste-disposal and recycling centers, and information about the farmer’s market in Downtown Stamford.

Stamford representative, Robert Lion, remarked that these positive developments regarding SCTV are just the beginning. Lion is cooperating with other representatives from the administration of Stamford mayor, David Martin. They are figuring out how to optimize SCTV.

As the chairman of the Special Committee on Communications of the Board of Representatives, Lion said that the TV channel aims to provide the residents as much public information as possible.

In this manner, they can increase their engagement in the city life. Eric Morson, who is also a part of the committee, added that besides keeping the city’s residents informed, SCTV is about the effortless procurement of public information.

He said that the network intends to make the people feel that the government is giving them importance, and not just the other way around.

Hence, aside from visiting the city of Stamford’s official website, Morson and Lion informed that residents can now be briefed regarding one-on-one interviews with Stamford officials,
public meetings, and public hearings via SCTV.

Lion said that SCTV is all about public service.  Besides keeping the Stamford residents informed and aware of their concerns, the city government gains awareness and is propelled to serve its constituents better.


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