More Channels Added to PlayStation Vue to Extend Customer Reach

More Channels Added to PlayStation Vue to Extend Customer Reach

PlayStation Vue is expanding with 200 local channels added to the service across the United States.

The parent company, Sony, has decided to increase the stations offered by its live streaming TV service to increase subscribers and to continue delivering quality digital entertainment.

With the new stations added, there are now over 450. Customers can enjoy new ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS local channels. In addition, they can now watch home sports matches and local news.

On the PlayStation Vue’s official website, Sony has added a search tool in order for users to easily discover the newly added channels. Users can click on a network partner broadcast channel, and they can then see which areas can avail it.

PlayStation Vue also offers plenty of cable, regional, and broadcast networks, besides the local stations. The individual channel accessibility depends on the package the subscriber avails, his location, and zip code.

Well-liked channels include ESPN, CNN, CBS Sports Network, Syfy, and Disney XD. Also available in the multi-channel plans are Discovery, Fox Business, Fox News Channel, HGTV, National Geographic, USA, and E!

Streaming services used to struggle with the shortage of local channels.  Users then had to avail an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to get local programs. With the advent of PlayStation Vue in 2015, this scenario has come to an end.

As the alternative of Sony to services such as Sling TV and DirecTV NOW, PlayStation Vue offers its subscribers live TV channels viewable using the Internet.

Cable and typical satellites are no longer needed when availing PlayStation’s live streaming TV service offerings because it is an over-the-top (OTT) service. As users can stream content online, they can relish plenty of other features like a digital video recorder (DVR), plus other extra benefits.

PlayStation Vue makes it possible for viewers to stream their favorite show using their preferred mobile device.  They do not have to possess a TV or follow the scheduled air time of their favorite content.

PlayStation Vue offers its subscribers four primary packages with different channels for films, sports, lifestyle, and news. Subscribers can buy premium channels on their own or request them to be included in the existing packages.


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