Gray Television to Develop KNCT-TV After Broadcasting Transfer

Gray Television to Develop KNCT-TV After Broadcasting Transfer

The broadcasting rights for KNCT-TV will be officially transferred to Gray Television from the auspices of Central Texas College (CTC).  On Tuesday night, the news has been confirmed regarding the sale of the public TV station to the owner of TV networks in Waco and Bryan-College.

Hence, on Friday midnight, KNCT-TV will stop broadcasting. A blank screen will be visible to antenna users who will turn to the network starting at 12:01 A.M. on Saturday.

Satellite and cable subscribers will view a message on their TV saying KNCT-TV is not available anymore. On its KWTX-TV website, Gray Television’s management announced that the finalized deal would be completed soon.

What would follow next would be CTC’s filing of the necessary applications for the assignment of broadcasting license.  The CTC will be dealing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for this matter. The whole procedure is expected to be done “by the first of the year.”

At the college’s August conference, the CTC Board of Trustees decided that, through assigning TV stations to channels 14 to 35, it could not handle the price of “repacking” the ultra-high frequency (UHF) TV band.

CTC representative Bruce Vasbinder relayed that, in 2017, an auction relating to the broadcast spectrum incentive was held. The auction compelled the FCC to repack some TV stations to channels 14 to 35.

This event resulted in the channel change involving KNCT-TV. Set at Channel 46, it was among the TV channels to be “repacked.”

It would have had to be moved to Channel 17 starting March 2020.  For procedural expenses, the repacking would have been to the tune of $4.4 million.

CTC Chancellor Jim Yeonopolus stated that discussions regarding the license transfer started after deciding not to repack. He said that the CTC requested for bidding and at the end, the officials were delighted to recommend Gray Television as the site for KNCT-TV’s transfer.

Gray Television reportedly paid $375,000 for KNCT-TV’s relocation. KWTX-TV General Manager Mike Wright disclosed that the process of transferring the broadcasting license of KNCT-TV to KWTX-TV and Gray Television is well underway.

He said that they are honored to be selected by the CTC to continue the legacy and foundation it has built through KNCT-TV. Wright expressed that they have plenty of options for the TV channel’s future programming.

KNCT-TV is located on the CTC campus in Killeen, Texas. It started broadcasting in 1970. The station has been the provider of PBS programming in Central Texas as well as local shows produced by the CTC for approximately 50 years already.


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