Sky News on WIN to Deliver 24-Hour News, Weather, and Sports

Sky News on WIN, a new news channel in Australia, will start broadcasting on Sunday at 6 AM, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). The new channel will deliver the news 24-hours a day in regional Australia.

The launching of Sky News on WIN makes the prize-winning Sky News national affairs shows accessible to viewers around the clock.  This is the first time on free-to-air TV.

In addition to the news, the audience can watch the latest weather forecasts presented by the Sky News Weather’s seasoned group of meteorologists.

Sports enthusiasts will also relish in the availability of fresh updates from Fox Sports News. Sky News on WIN will air in 30 areas all over the regional network of WIN.

The locations to be served include the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, New South Wales, and the Gold Coast. In addition, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Victoria are included in the broadcasting service.

Viewers who are on-the-go and early birds will be able to get their daily dose of the latest news through the new breakfast show, “Headline News.”

Hosted by Sky News broadcaster Jaynie Seal, the audience can keep themselves updated from 6 AM to 8 AM.

Simulcasting on Sky News Weather-Foxtel Channel 603 and WIN’s Channel 008 and 080, the program will center on the headlines every 15 minutes, regional concerns, weather forecasts, and sports news.

Moreover, Sky News on WIN will feature shows like “The Bolt Report,” “Jones & Co.,” “Paul Murray LIVE,” “Kenny on Sunday,” and “Credlin.”

Programs like “Politics HQ,” “Outsiders,” and “Richo” are also included in the program lineup.

Major political presentations like “Agenda,” “SPEERS on Sunday,” and “SPEERS” will cater to political enthusiasts.

Furthermore, during the weeks of parliamentary sitting, the audience can follow the live coverage of “Question Time.”

WIN Network is the largest source of regional news broadcasts in Australia with a viewership of over eight million.

For 30 minutes every weekday, it is the only TV station in regional Australia that yields 16 devoted local news reports. The network has an established commitment to delivering the local voice and content for its audience nationwide.

Sky News is the major multi-platform and multi-channel national news service of Australia. Serving news 24 hours a day, it offers trusted and in-depth analysis of current events.

Sky News on WIN launches on Channel 53 of the WIN Network in the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales and Channel 83 in the other areas served by WIN.


the authorEmma Cassidy
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