Film Director: Cinema Has Changed but Would Survive Netflix Era

Film Director Cinema Has Changed but Would Survive Netflix Era

At the ongoing 2018 Venice Film Festival, Hollywood film director David Cronenberg made a statement about the state of cinemas in the age of Netflix.

The auteur believes that going to the cinemas to watch movies will eventually come to an end. Cronenberg observed that TV screens are increasingly getting larger. Thus, he reckoned that there seems to be no disparity between watching movies at home and the movie theaters.

People would, then, choose to watch films at home, not to mention, consume online content through the streaming services.

Nonetheless, the Canadian movie director remarked that movie theaters are just “evolving” at this point when streaming services are taking center stage.  He said that the cinema would continue to exist even if streaming juggernauts like Amazon and Netflix are indelibly prevailing these days.

Cronenberg also thought that the visual language employed by directors now is stylistically going in a different direction from the movie theater or the big screen.

In July, the director of movies like “The Fly” and “Crash” first delivered his dystopian verdict regarding the popular leisure activity of watching movies in theaters.

At the Neuchatel International Fantasy Film Festival held in Switzerland where he was a panelist of the international jury, Cronenberg revealed that he does not go to the movie theaters any longer to watch films.

Speaking to the media, he said that “cinema is already dead.”  He added that, although image-making and film-making are still very much thriving, the movie theater has transformed into a new medium.

Cronenberg said that it is not a location where movie-goers congregate and see a film anymore. The “Naked Lunch” and “Scanners” director confirmed at the Swiss film festival that he is now a staunch supporter of Netflix.

He shared that he had spoken to people working for the streaming service giant who said that the company collects and values the consumers’ views regarding which content the audience would like to see.

Although the director has not worked on a project with Netflix yet, he said that he is seriously considering and hoping to create an upscale TV drama series to be delivered in the streaming platform soon.


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