Huawei-OSN Deal to Help Middle East Telecoms Offer Internet TV

Huawei-OSN Deal to Help Middle East Telecoms Offer Internet TV

In a bid to give telecommunications service providers a more accessible and easier method to offer Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services, the Huawei-OSN deal was signed on Tuesday.

The leading technology giant based in China made it known to the public that it is collaborating with Orbit Showtime Network (OSN).

The sealed agreement between Huawei and the leading Middle-Eastern entertainment network will create a turnkey Internet TV service in the Gulf region.

A representative from the Chinese technology and telecommunications behemoth signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with OSN.  The partnership is a first in the region.

OSN’s chief commercial officer, Neil Martin, revealed that North Africa and Middle East telecommunications providers would gain access to “an agile end-to-end IPTV solution” through the Huawei-OSN deal.

The alliance will facilitate the Middle Eastern and North African firms’ swifter provision of services to their consumers.  The upcoming Internet TV service will also enable them to increase their revenues.

Speaking on behalf of Huawei Middle East, the firm’s vice president, Sun Xiaofeng, expressed that the technology giant hopes that the cooperation would fortify the digital video ecosystem in the Gulf region.

In addition, he said that Huawei is anticipating the growth of the sector in the Middle East. The world-class video cloud services of Huawei and the vast array of entertainment programs of OSN are synthesized through the signed deal.

Telecommunications service providers in the Middle East will be able to offer premium content alongside trailblazing TV experiences with the collaboration between the best of platform technology and the best of premium content.

More potential OSN customers will gain access to optimal TV encounters through the use of revolutionary technology as well.

OSN is a United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based direct-broadcast satellite firm. Its deal with Huawei, the global provider of smart devices and ICT infrastructure, is a composition of the company’s digitization program.

The Huawei-OSN deal will contribute to the aim of OSN to develop the delivery of its offerings through the employment of state-of-the-art technologies.


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