Low-Cost and Free Ways for Cord Cutters to Enjoy the NFL Matches

Low-Cost and Free Ways for Cord Cutters to Enjoy the NFL Matches

With the skyrocketing subscription prices of satellite and cable TV services, viewers would undoubtedly desire to save money and at the same time enjoy the premium games of the National Football League (NFL) this season.

Financially savvy football fans now have the option to stream the NFL matches either for free or at a low price. founder, Kyle James, shared some of his favorite advice on how football enthusiasts can stream the NFL matches in budget-friendly ways.

1) Direct broadcast satellite company, DIRECTV, is offering college students discounts.  Students from any college or university will be able to catch the NFL games live this season at an affordable price.

For four months, DIRECTV makes the NFL Sunday Ticket available for $24.99 a month.  This shows a slash from the regular $49.99 per month fee.

Viewers can live stream all of the out-of-market regular season NFL matches without having to use a satellite dish.

To avail the $24.99 NFL streaming deal, college students can chip in with their friends or roommates. They can, thus, enjoy the games at a friendly price.

With the use of an over-the-air, high-definition antenna, NFL fans can access the in-market matches and every NFL game presentation for the whole season.

2) A customer of Amazon Prime can use his membership to stream NFL online without paying additional fees.

The free-to-view matches comprise four playoffs and most games on Thursday evenings.  The time and dates of the games are still to be decided.

3) Cord-cutters who have gotten rid of the rising subscription prices of satellite and cable TV have a chance to stream this season’s NFL matches by borrowing a friend or family member’s DISH Network user ID and password.

Without having to pay for expensive cable bills and NFL TV packages, they can, hence, use the Watch ESPN application, allowing them to view college matches and NFL on ESPN.

By sharing satellite or cable TV password, more free streaming of football action is possible if viewers have family members or friends who have a package that has ESPN available. Every satellite and cable service provider enables access to the Watch ESPN application.

Not only can subscribers avail ESPN but also sports content on ESPN Deportes, ESPNU, ESPNews, ESPN3, and ESPN2.  In addition, SEC Network, Longhorn Network, and Goal Line/Buzzer Beater are accessible.

4) To be able to stream the NFL matches for free, Verizon Wireless subscribers should download the NFL Mobile application. From the website of Verizon, they can select “live stream primetime and local games for CBS, NBC, ESPN, FOX, and NFL Network.”

5) Finally, going to a local sports bar can also facilitate free viewing of the NFL matches.  These places present multiple games at a single time. Thus, fans can catch all the exciting football action.

With these money-saving techniques, football fans will not only enjoy the NFL matches, but they will also relish saving more money.


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