NFL Matches Not Free for TV Audience, Cable Subscription Needed

NFL Matches Not Free for TV Audience, Cable Subscription Needed

Although the good news of subscription-free access to the NFL matches has been circulating, this benefit is limited to users of digital gadgets like smart tablets and smartphones.

TV networks will live stream the NFL matches through their applications. However, the NFL is not allowing free streaming on smart TVs.

Thus, smart TV audiences will need to sign in with a satellite or cable subscription to be able to access the NFL matches which commence on Thursday.

The same procedure is necessary when using streaming TV gadgets like Roku and Apple TV, as well as desktop computers and laptops.

Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s business and media head, remarked that the NFL reckons that its viewers would still, as much as possible, prefer to watch the games on the largest screen. He added that in order for the NFL to gain more viewership, it has to be flexible.

Due to the skyrocketing subscription costs and to save money, more satellite and cable subscribers are now becoming “cord cutters” or “cord nevers.”

They choose to cancel their cable subscriptions or never avail the service at all. Rolapp said that even the viewers who can watch the NFL games on TV are, thus, choosing to use their smartphones instead. How to watch the NFL Network and other networks that show NFL content like RedZone, CBS, FOX, NBC? Services like fuboTV give you access on all your devices like mobile, PC, Chromecast, AppleTV, Roku, Firestick with no contract.

Earlier this week, news about the National Football League (NFL) enabling its fans to live stream the games easily that this season broke out.

As TV ratings continue to decline, the league is reportedly targeting the expansion of its streaming audience.

To achieve this end, it is finally removing the requirement that viewers register with a satellite or cable subscription.

This program of the NFL is a milestone for the sports industry. Other important professional sports leagues still require their audience to have TV subscriptions for their hometown sports teams.

Besides the NFL application, football fans will get to avail the subscription-free matches on the Verizon-owned Yahoo Sports, AOL, and Tumblr applications. iPad and iPhone users can live stream the NFL matches via the Safari web browser.

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