Zee TV Gives “Best of Bollywood” to Rwanda, to Partner in Content

Zee TV Gives Best of Bollywood to Rwanda, to Partner in Content

Zee TV is expanding further in Africa by establishing its foothold in the East African nation of Rwanda.

Harish Goyal, Zee TV South Africa’s Chief Executive Officer, remarked that before they establish their branch in other locations, Rwanda is their priority in East Africa.

He described Rwanda as a very significant territory on the African continent and is one of those which is rapidly growing.

Goyal reckoned that Rwanda had made itself an attractive destination for its impressive development.  Moreover, the Zee TV executive made references to the resemblances of Indian and Rwandan societies and cultures.

Upon their research, he said that they discovered the considerable similarities and resonance in culture between India and the East African country. Both of their viewers love the color, dance, and music, he said.

With the aim of bringing “the best of Bollywood Entertainment to Africa,” venturing in Rwanda is a first for Zee TV.

Goyal said that, as a TV network faced with new opportunities in producing content in Africa, they are very eager and enthusiastic with what promising nations like Rwanda and the other African countries will offer their international audience.

Being one of the largest satellites and cable TV firms and media broadcasters in India, Zee TV’s agenda include the production of content which will fuse the African and Indian cultures.

The content from Rwanda and other nations in Africa will be delivered to their 1.3 billion viewers worldwide.

Goyal said that they are aiming to create consolidated storylines, integrating African and Indian actors and actresses.

In fact, the channel already has an upcoming Afro-Indian soap opera and is preparing the cast, title, airing dates, shoot location, and storyline.  Production is now underway as they increase awareness and are in the process of creating content.

Now available in five continents, Zee TV started its operations in Africa, its first-ever international market, in 1996.

It already employs 600 performers in Zee TV in South Africa.  The company intends to increase the number of African performers.

African viewers can already access the channel on platforms such as Kwese, DStv, Canal+, and StarTimes. They can watch customized programs with French and English subtitles.

The TV channel also boasts having 40 channels in India, 3,500 films, and over 242,000 hours of content. Zee TV has an audience in 173 nations for its 40 international channels.

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