Toronto Film Festival Supports Netflix and Other Streaming Services

Toronto Film Festival Supports Netflix and Other Streaming Services

The 43rd yearly Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has started on Thursday with Netflix unfolding the ceremony.

Furthermore, the opening production by the major streaming service provider for the 10-day event is a first for any film festival to start with a movie not produced for cinemas.

The annual film festival in the Canadian city commenced with “Outlaw King,” an original which will be streamable only to members of Netflix.

TIFF head, Cameron Bailey, said that they chose the best movie they could find that would certainly suit the premiere night of the festivity.

Bailey said that the TIFF was completely supportive of the theatrical opening production. He reckoned that people are going to be excited to watch movies in a huge old movie theater.  

He said this is the finest possible manner they could be presented. Bailey noted that there would not be any problems if streaming services created the films.    

Speaking on behalf of the TIFF, Bailey said that the festival is supportive of online film platforms like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. These streaming service providers champion some of the most talented actors and actresses nowadays.

The TIFF will always be standing behind them because it not only gives importance to the histrionic experiences but also to the filmmakers’ talents, according to the TIFF chief.

Bailey described “Outlaw King,” which does not have a theatrical release, as a “big period epic.” The TIFF organizer furthered that the main character is a modern version of William Wallace, the main protagonist in the 1995 movie, “Braveheart,” which starred Hollywood A-lister, Mel Gibson.

Being the unquestionably stirring tale of Robert the Bruce, “Outlaw King” presented his struggle to regain dominance in Scotland after England proclaimed him a public enemy.

The original location where the film was made was in Scotland. The movie is a reunion for “Hell or High Water” thespian Chris Pine and director David Mackenzie. In the film, Pine played the 14th-century monarch.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and other fellow supporting cast in the film like Billy Howle and Florence Pugh are also attending the TIFF. “A Million Little Pieces” which also stars Taylor-Johnson is also featured in the film celebration.

Netflix has been presenting its releases at the TIFF. Last year, “First They Killed My Father” by Angelina Jolie and “Mudbound” by Dee Rees were launched in Toronto.

The major streaming service provider also obtained the rights to several other movies at the TIFF.

This year’s event will screen Paul Greengrass’s “22 July,” the dramatization of the deadliest terrorist incursion that happened in Norway in 2011.

The thriller, “Hold the Dark,” by Jeremy Saulnier and Alfonso Cuaron’s “Roma” from “Gravity” will also be presented.  All of these Netflix films are possible not to be released in cinemas.

Known as the largest film festival in North America, it will feature over 300 short and feature movies from 74 territories, with a total of 31,300 screening minutes in aggregate.  It will be concluded on September 16.

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