CEO: Foxtel GO Is Back to Give More Value for Subscriber’s Money

CEO: Foxtel GO Is Back to Give More Value for Subscriber's Money

Foxtel, the Australian pay-TV company, is bringing back its new-and-improved Foxtel GO application. The renamed mobile streaming application was the previous Foxtel App.

Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany said that they are powered to enhance their customer’s “high-quality entertainment experience,” giving them greater value to what they are paying for.

Besides the name makeover, the firm is giving its subscribers free high-definition (HD) viewing experience. With support for AirPlay and Chromecast, the ‘Multi-room’ customers of Foxtel can also take their cinema experience anywhere they go.

These Foxtel satellite subscribers are those who pay an extra $25 (US$17.77) monthly besides their usual subscription payment, an extra $100 (US$71.10) installation payment, and an over $125 (US$88.88) equipment fee for the iQ4 set-top box.

Foxtel’s Multi-room subscribers can register Foxtel GO on several digital devices.  Then, they can simultaneously watch content on two screens. At no additional fee, Foxtel subscribers can watch programs or sports while on the go as well.

Foxtel’s new subscribers can also relish as they can begin using Foxtel GO without having to wait for the installation of the main service.

The relaunched application is available for download on Google Play for Android tablets and smartphones. Mac users can avail it through the Safari browser at

In addition, iPhone and iPad users can download Foxtel GO through the App Store. Meanwhile, the Google Chrome browser facilitates the viewing of the mobile streaming application on laptops and desktop computers.

Through supported devices, new features like universal ‘continue watching,’ closed captioning, and personal WatchLists are also included via the application.

The Foxtel chief executive remarked that, as a company, they had been industriously working to guarantee that this year would be an exceptional one.

With Foxtel GO’s Airplay and Chromecast compatibility and HD streaming for on-demand and live programs, he said that the customers could expect for more developments shortly.

Foxtel GO is the original name of the application which was previously called The Foxtel application.  It was initially the simple partner application for Foxtel subscribers.

Initially released in November 2012, it enabled Foxtel’s satellite and cable customers to consume content using their iPads. Then, Foxtel Play came after. Designed to compete with Netflix, this was a more flexible on-demand offering.

Foxtel GO was then renamed to Foxtel App.  Foxtel Play was also renamed as Foxtel Now. On Monday, Foxtel GO was reinstituted, with ‘Go’ capitalized to ‘GO.’ With the newly revamped application, Foxtel aims to give its subscribers more value for their subscription payments.

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