Debuting with Fight Sports, Ad-free DAZN to Be Subscription-Driven

Debuting with Fight Sports, Ad-free DAZN to Be Subscription-Driven

Launching in the US early this week, UK-based DAZN is the new streaming service that is rebelling against the traditional model of advertisement-supported sports programs.

In the United States, live sports are among the few shows American viewers still enjoy live. Traditionally supported by advertisements, they bring in the revenue which is the lifeblood of TV networks.

Marcus Parnwell, DAZN’s product director, referred to Netflix as a paradigm of an advertisement-free, subscription-based streaming service. He noted that US sports are created for advertising.

Advertisements fill the space between pauses, huddles, and clock stoppages, in sports matches such as the National Football League (NFL) games.  Approximately 16 commercial breaks are presented per NFL match.

The DAZN executive said that the streaming service is trying to break away from that conventional arrangement and engage into something divergent.

Pronounced as “Da Zone,” DAZN is nicknamed as the “Netflix of Sports.” It offers advertisement-free on-demand and live sports stream-on-demand services for a monthly subscription fee of $9.99.

Sports fans can employ all popular streaming gadgets to enjoy World Boxing Super Series, Bellator’s mixed martial arts (MMA), and Matchroom Boxing, among others.

The subscription fee shall be the source of revenue for DAZN instead of the traditional advertisements which its rivals Bleacher Report Live of Turner and ESPN+ have.

The sports streaming service is planning to do other things such as staying in the octagon or the ring with the fighters during MMA or boxing matches instead of using advertisements to fill in the gaps in the fight sports action, its launch offering.

In addition, the analysis of sporting events, taking a closer look at the athletes’ strategies, as well as the promotion of other programming is viewed as a possible replacement to traditional advertising.

Founded on July 8, 2015, DAZN was officially launched on August 10, 2016. It is operated by Perform Group, the UK-based global sports media organization engaged in sports broadcasting production.

DAZN offers streaming services in seven other countries including Japan, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

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