Limelight Realtime Streaming Solves Delayed Live Streaming

Limelight Realtime Streaming Solves Delayed Live Streaming

Limelight Networks is optimizing the viewing experience of live streaming audiences through its Limelight Realtime Streaming service.  The new video streaming solution chiefly aims to resolve the common video latency challenge.

Special plug-ins or software would no longer be necessary because mainstream digital gadgets and web browsers support Limelight Networks’ video streaming technology.

Realtime experiences online with interactions with fellow live streaming audiences are also made possible through the new offering.

Live streaming audiences have continued to surge based on viewing information from social media video streaming platforms and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Yet, these viewers have to contend with delayed telecasts of approximately 30 seconds or even greater.

In addition, they would usually experience unsatisfactory viewing. The reputations and revenues of streaming service providers are adversely affected as well.

To address these video streaming problems, Limelight Networks is combining its international edge network and WebRTC video formats supported by the live streaming industry.

Limelight Realtime Streaming facilitates organizations to broadcast live video footages from one location to another worldwide in less than one second.

Online audiences will, thus, have an enhanced live streaming encounter. Robert Lento, Limelight Network’s chief executive officer, affirmed that his company’s research and development team had solved the complicated concern of delivering late broadcasts.

He said that Limelight Realtime Streaming offers high-quality and dependable video streaming. In addition, the interactive nature of the service enables the live streaming audiences to mingle with other viewers as well as with distributors of content.

Lento said that industries would also benefit from Limelight Realtime Streaming since it will finally put an end to the longstanding problem of delayed telecasts, even if these stalls are just a matter of seconds.

Since Limelight Networks is making it possible for businesses to expand revenue-wise and optimizes online viewers’ experiences, the new Limelight Realtime Streaming offering cements the service provider as the leader in interactive data integration and international video services.

On Thursday, September 27, 2018, Limelight Networks will officially introduce the new service at a conference call that it will host.

The meeting will also be available via a webcast and a live audio cast that will be accessible from Investors Limelight.

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