Stan’s CEO Blasé with Streaming Rivals, Confirms Subscriber Growth

Stan's CEO Blasé with Streaming Rivals, Confirms Subscriber Growth

Mike Sneesby, the chief executive officer of Australian streaming provider, Stan, expressed that he is unconcerned about the streaming service launching by different content owners and networks.

Mindful that the Internet is the future of TV, Sneesby believed that people tend to misunderstand the streaming industry with the thought that a dog-eat-dog scenario prevails.

His reaction comes after Australian TV network, TEN, announced that in December, it would be introducing Ten All Access, its streaming service.

Beverly McGarvey, TEN’s chief content official, confirmed that the TV network would start to offer its rendition of All Access, the well-known platform of its New York City-based owner, CBS Corporation.

At this point, the content that would be streamed on TEN’s upcoming platform is still being decided, although news about a concentration on co-producing reality TV series has already been circulating.

The forthcoming introduction of TEN All Access is viewed as a potential challenger to streaming giant, Netflix, and Australia’s Stan and Foxtel.

In light of this development, Sneesby remarked that TEN’s new streaming offering would not affect on his company’s current partnership with CBS.

Speaking on behalf of Stan, he said that they are looking forward to having CBS as their steady business collaborator, despite the latter affecting some changes in its operations.

Furthermore, Sneesby is confident that CBS Corporation’s pay-TV movie channel, Showtime, would continue to have his company as its home in Australia.

In the United States, CBS All Access also delivers content from Showtime which is currently in consortium with Australia’s Stan.

Sneesby affirmed that the Stan-Showtime partnership is an exclusive “long-term, multi-year deal.” Moreover, his firm’s streaming of CBS’s content from its library would carry on.

Hence, Sneesby maintained that even if TEN launches TEN All Access in his country later this year, Stan will remain unaffected.

The CEO verified that Stan has, in fact, recently tallied a record 1.1 million active subscribers. This marks the most rapid customer increase ever recorded in the Australian streaming service provider’s history.

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