More People Worldwide Buy Streaming Gadgets due to Netflix, YouTube

More People Worldwide Buy Streaming Gadgets due to Netflix, YouTube

Transparency Market Research, a think-tank serving Fortune 500 companies, has released a study about streaming gadgets and the ballooning demand for them.

With its short title as “Streaming Media Device Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 to 2025,” the comprehensive market study looked closely into what drives the streaming media device market’s growth.

In recent years, the widespread availability of Internet services that facilitate content streaming has propelled the streaming media device market expansion.

The report indicated that the increasing number of content streaming services has contributed to the demand for these gadgets.

YouTube, Netflix, and other platforms that continuously produce in-house web series are reckoned to be the positive contributors to the rise in the demand for these digital devices.

The streaming gadgets market worldwide is driven by key firms like Roku, Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

Philips Electronics, Sony Corporation, Samsung Electronics, and LG Electronics are also leading in the manufacturing of these devices.

Among the important strategies of streaming media device manufacturers from all over the globe are affordable costing, products enriched with user-friendly features, diverse product offerings, and investments in technological innovations.

Due to the constantly skyrocketing demand for high-resolution display technologies, smart TVs are viewed to present tremendous momentum out of the different kinds of streaming gadgets.

Moreover, North America has held the majority of shares in the global streaming gadgets market of roughly 50 percent. Its technologically savvy population has contributed to the region’s lead.

Due to the prevailing entertainment sector and the fast penetration of high-speed Internet services, this trend is anticipated to carry on.

In addition, between the forecast period of 2017 to 2025, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be among the leading streaming gadgets market. The industry in the region is still in its promising level, and progress is expected to improve.

The growing interest towards video-on-demand services and the increasing knowledge about the digital devices are viewed to help in the rising demand for them.

Streaming media devices are created to stream, control, and play video-sharing websites like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix.

Media streamers, gaming consoles, and smart TVs are the common examples that are compatible with and support both wireless and wired streaming using cabled Local Area Network (LAN).

Especially the portable ones, these streaming gadgets make it possible for users to connect to the Internet and effortlessly access online content anytime and anywhere they want to. is all about your digital tv needs. Our goal is to bring you the most relevant and interesting news in a short and straight-to-the-point format from the digital industry. Our writers are passionate and experts in their fields whether that’s connected devices, cord-cutting guides, news, and more. We are a growing company looking to bring a new perspective to the ever-changing landscape of digital streaming.