Kanopy Offers Independent Content Through Library-like Membership

Kanopy Offers Independent Content Through Library-like Membership

With a library card, Australian viewers can now relish a streaming experience similar to a regular visit to the library.

This week, Kanopy announced that it had started a partnership with Telstra TV, the pay-TV arm of Australia’s largest telecommunications company.

The video-on-demand streaming platform catering to public libraries and educational institutions is a service that does not charge viewers an amount.

The only requirement for Kanopy’s customers is to simply have a library membership from an affiliated public library or university to activate their membership.

Once they have already signed up, they can then start using the application on Telstra TV and other supported devices.

Furthermore, Kanopy is different from mainstreaming streaming platforms like Netflix or Stan. Viewers would not find the latest “Westworld” or “Game of Thrones” episodes.

Kanopy stands out with its offerings of prize-winning, independent, and educative content like documentaries or those from the Criterion Collection.

Some of the titles that viewers can find are Australian films like “The Dressmaker,” “Lion,” and “The Babadook.”  Children’s content is also available like “ABC’s Play School” and “Babar.”

“Loving Vincent,” “Kedi,” “Man on Wire,” and “Carol” are also streamable. Rebecca Haagsma, Telstra’s product development and innovation director, remarked that the addition of Kanopy to their lineup of applications and expanding content catalogue is merely another ground why Telstra TV is well-known among the Australian audiences.

She affirmed that the wide selection of international “free, thought-provoking” movies, TV series and documentaries is an example of how establishments like media and libraries are adapting to the rapidly evolving manner of how people consume information in the modern age.

Kanopy’s chief executive officer, Olivia Humphrey, also expressed her delight regarding the Kanopy-Telstra tie-up.

She said that, as the leading telecommunications service provider in Australia, Telstra and its consortium with Kanopy enables more Australian viewers to watch thousands of “thoughtful films” and enriching programs free of charge at home.

The Kanopy executive also affirmed that her company’s Telstra TV application and its collaboration with Australian libraries makes it possible to stream a wide selection of best-in-class documentaries, classic movies, and independent films that are exclusively available in Kanopy.

Humphrey noted that this had been the chief mission of the streaming platform. The Kanopy application is available with support for Chromecast on compatible gadgets, on Android for Android tablets and phones, iOS for iPad and iPhone, and the Apple TV.

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