BT TV and UKTV Pleased to Offer Viewers VoD in HD Soon

BT TV and UKTV Pleased to Offer Viewers VoD in HD Soon

The management of UKTV and BT TV have expressed their delight to continue offering best-in-class services to their consumers.

At the height of video-on-demand (VOD) services gaining popularity worldwide, BT TV has announced that, together with UKTV, they are delighted to offer their subscribers with optimized catch-up VOD services.

As contained in terms of the new multi-year agreement sealed this week, the customers of the Internet TV company will soon have a wider selection of content on VoD.

For the first time, they will be able to view these shows and other selected content from the UKTV channels in high definition (HD) through their BT TV set-top boxes.

Speaking on behalf of UKTV, Simon Michaelides, the firm’s chief commercial executive, said that they are happy to be strengthening their ties with BT TV. He confirmed that UKTV channels “play a significant role” for the Internet TV firm’s subscribers.

Michaelides said that it is auspicious to serve the viewers with the programs that they appreciate together with offering them with an exciting and increasing portfolio of original new content.

Tony Singh, content and business development head for BT TV’s consumer branch, remarked that the sustained collaboration of his company with UKTV enables it to provide their subscribers with a wide range of drama, entertainment, lifestyle, and comedy channels.

He affirmed that the Internet TV service provider’s customers appreciate UKTV’s channels. Moreover, Singh said that customers can also blend their enjoyment of UKTV networks with services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and NOW TV.

BT TV subscribers can certainly enjoy “the flexibility to view a wide range of fantastic content,” he noted.

As a component of the changes indicated in the agreement, the new BT TV application will now enable BT TV subscribers to access and download programs while on the go.

They will also be able to avail different TV platforms together with the vast array of shows that can be played and are downloadable.

There is no exact schedule yet as to when the new developments will be in full effect, but it is expected that they will be implemented at the soonest possible time.

The fresh partnership comes after Amazon Prime Video’s recent launching on BT TV.  It is a component of the latter’s target of providing TV viewers with the largest selection of content by cooperation with premium content service providers.

BT TV subscribers can expect an exciting lineup of exclusive offerings from UKTV, too. Among these new series and quite popular programs are “Quantico,” “Taskmaster,” “Emma Willis: Delivering Babies,” “Carter,” “Harrow,” and “Dad’s Army.”

They can watch “Women on the Verge,” “Judge Romesh,” and “Red Dwarf” on-demand or live as well.  The new settlement also makes it possible for BT TV subscribers to carry on relishing premium shows on British digital TV channels like Eden and Alibi, lifestyle channel Good Food, and entertainment channel, W.

BT TV viewers can also continue enjoying popular British comedy on the Gold channel as well as exclusive and brand new entertainment on the Dave channel.

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