New Hulu Mouse-Oriented Website Layout Comes With Added Functions

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Streaming fans may notice some updates on Hulu’s website this week.

In a blog post, the management of the mainstream streaming service remarked that the new website layout is designed particularly for the different movements that users can have with their computer mouse.

In addition, it is built for how fast streaming enthusiasts can click and point using the computer peripheral device.

The streaming service provider cooperatively owned by media and telecommunications juggernauts like AT&T, Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, and Japan’s Nippon TV can present more selections and content anytime with much more web space available.

Together with this latest development, Hulu also installed three new “exclusively-Web fan favorite features” accessible for Internet users:

1. Chromecast Casting for Web

  • When a user’s computer is on the same network as his Chromecast gadget such as a TV screen, this feature enables him to send videos from his computer to his Chromecast device seamlessly.

2. Picture-in-Picture Mode

  • This functionality enables a user to carry on viewing his show simultaneously while he browses the rest of the Hulu website.

To activate this viewing mode, he just has to click “minimize” located at the lower right corner of the player. While the user is multi-tasking, he will be able to drag the small player all over the computer screen.

3. Multiple Sports Matches on Multiple Windows

  • Sports aficionados will enjoy this new Hulu functionality.

Depending on their live TV subscription package, they can view sports games concurrently airing on multiple windows in their browser. The users will then be able to catch every action in the live matches.

Hulu notified its customers that the website’s new look and aura were based on a previously updated user interface that was launched in 2017.

This development gives Hulu with Live TV subscribers the access to all the live TV coverage and important sports games from their browsers.

The company noted that it is continuously transforming and improving “the new Web experience to incorporate user feedback.” Apparently, streaming fans will be able to access content from the service more effortlessly.

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