Apple CEO Wants Family-Friendly Streaming, No Disturbing Content

Apple CEO Wants Family-Friendly Streaming, No Disturbing Content

Video streaming enthusiasts can enjoy safer and high-quality material through Apple’s upcoming streaming service.

The iPhone X manufacturer is reported to be venturing on a $1-billion investment on original content.

The company has been occupied in building its streaming service and coordinating with Hollywood production firms in making documentaries and shows.

This programming is reported to be not like what people have been accustomed to viewing. Premium cable services and streaming providers may observe no rules.

They allow explicit titles of series and profanity.  In addition, the paid content comprising violence and nudity is tolerated and readily available for consumption.

However, the new streaming service of Apple aims to be a family-friendly platform. It is getting rid of the content that mainstream streaming platforms and premium cable providers offer.

Streaming fans who will avail of the technology giant’s service can expect a safe material to watch. Vulgar or scandalizing programs are anticipated to be completely absent from Apple’s streaming service.

They will not find anything that is like “Game of Thrones” which has been made popular by mainstream film network, HBO.

What propelled the company to engage with tame and ethical programming is Tim Cook’s recent experience.

The Apple CEO was disturbed with “Vital Signs,” the first scripted drama of the tech giant. The content concentrated on the life of hip-hop artist, Dr. Dre, which featured people wielding guns, performing extensive orgy sessions in a mansion, and taking cocaine.

Cook spoke to Apple music executive Jimmy Iovine, complaining that the content was very violent and should not be available on their platform.

Hence, viewers can find wholesome programming on Apple’s streaming service. The company has already tapped Hollywood actresses Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon for a morning show.

In addition, NBA star Kevin Durant will be a part of a basketball comedy.  The fledgling streaming platform is also collaborating with the producers of children’s show, Sesame Street, and talk show luminary, Oprah Winfrey.

A reboot of the 1980s famous TV anthology series “Amazing Stories” produced by Steven Spielberg is also reported to be brewing.

With Apple’s streaming platform designed to underline propriety, parents can diminish their anxiety when it comes to what their children will watch on their devices.

In addition, the company’s decision to offer gentle, wholesome, and educative programming may contribute to promoting a safer and more humane society.

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