Study: Video Delays Cited as Main Setback of Online Streaming

Study: Video Delays Cited as Main Setback of Online Streaming

A growing number of international audiences resort to traditional broadcasting due to the delay problems associated with online streaming.

This was among the key findings of the latest study released by Limelight Networks, an edge cloud services provider based in Arizona.

The company discovered that an increasing number of audiences from around the world are viewing more online videos.

According to the report entitled, “State of Online Video,” since 2016, this trend has been surging by 58 percent. Consumers watch an average of six hours and 45 minutes of online content weekly.

Nevertheless, traditional broadcast is still resorted to by the global audiences, according to the research. Among the factors for this decision are the performance predicaments of online streaming like video re-buffering and deferrals on live programming.

Thus, for about eight hours and two minutes weekly, consumers watch their shows on traditional TV instead.

If they would be guaranteed that delayed streaming would be absent, 60 percent of them said that they are more likely to view live sports matches online.

Re-buffering was cited as the chief frustration among the international viewers. Two-thirds or 66 percent of them remarked that they would cancel their video viewing session after they encounter two re-buffers.

Michael Milligan, Limelight Networks’ Senior Director, said that as more people engage with online streaming, their patience for video interruptions is diminishing at a high rate.

Missed video scenes, apparently, ruin their viewing experiences. Hence, in order not to lure the viewers away and make them opt for traditional TV instead, streaming providers must guarantee low video latency, he suggested.

Milligan promoted Limelight Realtime Streaming as the solution against re-buffering and latency issues.  The service facilitates quick and zero-delay online streaming for organizations.

Limelight Realtime Streaming enables the streaming of online videos in as fast as less than one second. Online streaming viewers will, hence, have equal levels of enjoyment as traditional broadcast audiences.

Researchers for the “State of Online Video” study surveyed 5,000 online video consumers from ten countries: Italy, France, Philippines, Germany, Japan, South Korea, United States, Singapore, India, and the United Kingdom.

The research participants’ ages ranged from 18 years old and above. They engaged in online streaming for one hour or more every week.

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