MX Player Now Offers Free Streaming and Bollywood Movie Experiences

MX Player Now Offers Free Streaming and Bollywood Movie Experiences (1)

A global video streaming revolution is, indeed, underway as India’s Times Internet integrates streaming services with its well-received mobile application, MX Player.

The digital subsidiary of Indian media conglomerate, Times Group, introduced an update on its popular application this week which enables users to stream content on their devices.

According to Karan Bedi, the chief executive officer of MX Player, the streaming service is available in India for now. It is free of charge.

The MX Player CEO noted that the digital entertainment service is investing mostly in original content production and content licensing.

Times Internet, the parent organization of MX Player, has 20 original programming lined up on its agenda. Bedi furthered that live TV channel streaming will also be incorporated into the streaming service.

The content catalog of MX Player comprises Bollywood blockbusters like the Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movie “Logan: Wolverine,” “Dil Chahta Hai,” and entertainment programs like “Indian Idol,” India’s version of the renowned American talent show, “American Idol.”

All of the content from TVF and Sony TV are included in the streaming service’s offerings as well.

Furthermore, the streaming media aspiration of Times Internet is fulfilled with programming from British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) flagship TV channel, BBC One, and other content from local cable channels.

By offering programs in over half a dozen dialects, the MX Player head remarked that the firm is concentrating on providing vernacular shows, mindful of India possessing 22 official languages.

Times Internet acquired MX Player in an approximately $140-million deal in June from J2 Interactive, a South Korean Android developer.

The mobile application gained popularity among the Indian consumers because of its capability to play videos on affordable gadgets.

With over 175 million monthly active users, MX Player plays any video file fast even if a user’s device is low-end hardware or has Android software that is not updated.

MX Player now features over 100,000 hours of TV shows, films, and some content which Times Internet has specially produced for the mobile application.

The revenue for the streaming service will be provided by advertisements, akin to most of the Times Group’s divisions like the newspapers and other TV networks.

This business model is the beginning from which MX Player will find its way in the Indian video streaming market.

Hotstar, India’s largest premium streaming platform and operated by 21st Century Fox which was recently acquired by the Walt Disney Company, presently dominates the video streaming industry in the country.

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