Pluto TV’s 8 New Channels to Offer Highly-Curated Content

Pluto TV's 8 New Channels to Offer Highly-Curated Content

The management of Pluto TV has announced that it will include eight new channels in the streaming service this October.

Viewers can expect riveting dramas, provocative documentaries, and vintage comedies from these new offerings of the Los Angeles-based digital entertainment company.

The streaming video channels include:

  1. Pluto TV Comedy (now available)
  2. Pluto TV Drama (currently available)
  3. Pluto TV Thrillers (coming soon)
  4. Pluto TV Family (coming soon)
  5. Pluto TV Westerns (coming soon)
  6. Pluto TV Romance (coming soon)
  7. Pluto TV Indies (coming soon)
  8. Pluto TV Documentaries (coming soon)

Pluto TV remarked that it has an in-house group of curators. From diverse sources, this team chooses the films and TV shows for the new streaming video channels.

Cheddar, Josh, NBC News, the World Poker Tour, and People TV are among the content collaborators from which most of Pluto TV’s streaming video channels come from.

The in-house channels of the streaming service provider that feature curated programs supplement them.

With a lineup of over 100 linear, live, and curated streaming video channels, Pluto TV said that the eight new channels would further increase the platform’s content offerings.

In addition, the audiences will be able to access thousands of films on-demand from leading studios, publishers, digital media providers, and networks.

Classic movies like “Tootsie” and “Clue” will be available on Pluto TV Comedy which is already live just like Pluto TV Drama.

Moreover, the millennial-oriented streaming service provider recently acquired series like Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Coming to the Stage” featuring comedian George Wallace, and “Unsolved Mysteries.”

Chassy, a streaming video channel that centers on automotive and hosted by comedian Adam Carolla, was also acquired by the Internet TV platform.

Pluto TV audiences can watch the content through the Pluto TV application. Videos begin playing on the official website of the company once it is visited by viewers or as soon as the application is opened.

Programs play linearly just like in traditional TV. Pluto TV is an advertisement-supported, free streaming video service.

Operated by Pluto Incorporated, this Internet-based TV firm has been serving its audiences who are mostly millennials since 2013.

Headquartered in California, the company runs the Pluto TV application on 14 platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. The application also works with PlayStation consoles, Chromecast, and Roku.

Just like other streaming alternatives like Tubi and Xumo, Pluto TV was introduced as a niche and a free streaming option facing mainstream companies like Netflix and Hulu.

Since February 2014, the service has been available on Apple TV and as an independent application on the Apple TV Application Store.

In June, Jeff Shultz, the chief business executive of the streaming platform, delivered a speech at the TV of Tomorrow conference in San Francisco.

He revealed that Pluto TV has approximately ten million monthly active users.

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