Video Streaming to Dominate Advertising Congress Slated in November

Video Streaming to Dominate Advertising Congress Slated in November

Today’s companies increasingly employ video storytelling and video streaming campaigns on social media to promote their products and services.

Facebook, live streaming, and YouTube are massively popular as media for advertising, distributing, and marketing content.

An international conference showcasing the latest ideas on video streaming and social media-oriented video marketing is expected to take place in Singapore next month.

The Video Marketing Strategies World 2018 will gather international industry leaders like digital marketing managers, video content creators and producers, and digital communications executives.

Over 24 panelists and speakers will present current insights regarding the distribution and production of videos.

Among the key ideas that are dominating the agenda of the event include the international video advertising campaigns and developments and the future of video streaming and live video being future-proof strategies.

The guest speakers will elaborate on the current state of premium content, smart TVs, online videos, and social videos in the international and Asian regions.

Moreover, they will discuss today’s prevailing media landscape and video advertising campaigns. They will share updated trends on the creation of content relevant to the social media-savvy, contemporary times.

Attendees can also learn about video metrics from the guest speakers’ experiences with their organizations.

Strategies for video marketing and communications success are included in the Congress to enlighten the participants.

As the global millennial population continues to be the largest consumers of video content, techniques on how to effectively win them as customers will be discussed in the meeting.

In addition, strategic video collaborations with TV channels, publishers, content distributors, and technology companies will be explained.

Experts will share the workable ways to increase video visibility in diverse platforms. They will also talk about how to properly employ live streaming and mobile streaming.

Finally, the monetization of viewers into paying audiences will be discussed. The value-filled conference will facilitate how today’s video streaming organizations can transform temporary content into something that is deeply engaging and sticks in the minds of their viewers for a long time.

Video streaming is one kind of media streaming in which the information from a video file is continuously sent to the remote audiences through the Internet.

Without necessarily being downloaded on a digital gadget or computer, video streaming enables viewers to employ live streaming and mobile streaming properly.

The Video Marketing Strategies World 2018 is an initiative by Asher Russell Private Limited, a Singapore-based research and event’s organizer.

The two-day the event will be held at the One Farrer Hotel and Spa on November 19 and 20, 2018.

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