With Pluto TV’s Arrival, UK Viewers to Enjoy More Special Content

With Pluto TV's Arrival, UK Viewers to Enjoy More Special Content

Audiences based in the United Kingdom are expected to enjoy more specialized programming with Pluto TV’s service.

The advertisement-powered streaming service is expanding its reach in Europe, initially as a component of NOW TV, the streaming service arm of British media and telecommunications firm, Sky plc.

Pluto TV is expected to offer a combination of branded content and original curated channels. In addition, it is anticipated to increase the NOW TV Boxes and NOW TV Smart Stick’s portfolio of applications.

The British audience will be able to relax as they relish TV-like encounters with the genre-specific channels offered by the Los Angeles-based free streaming TV service.

The first channels to be offered in the UK are the original Pluto TV channels like Pluto TV Kids, Pluto TV Movies, Pluto TV Explore, and Pluto TV Fight.

Other branded channels will be accessible to the audiences like the World Poker Tour, Xive TV, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 which in the European continent is exclusively available.

Pluto TV Europe GmbH is Pluto TV’s subsidiary in the region. Established in 2016 and headquartered in the German capital city, Berlin, Olivier Jollet serves as its managing director and leads the company’s media executive team.

Jollet is instrumental in bringing the Pluto TV streaming service to the UK. He described it as a fledgling and triumphant American firm that has been well-received in the US Mainland.

Jollet furthered that it reproduced the traditional TV channel directory while appealing to today’s digitally savvy viewers.

The Pluto TV Europe executive said that they now intend to win their European viewers over, giving them diverse and deeply engaging entertainment experiences on their smart TVs.

Pluto TV was founded in 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Its American audiences benefit from its offerings of more than 100 channels.

Viewers enjoy programming by more than 120 important content collaborators streamable across all mainstream gadgets. It enjoys an estimated 10 million visitors every month.

Tom Ryan, Pluto TV’s co-founder and chief executive officer, cited that the launching of the Internet-based TV platform in the European continent is a massive accomplishment for the firm, fulfilling their mission of bringing quality entertainment worldwide.

Mindful of the sensibilities of their European audiences, Ryan affirmed that his colleagues, Jollet and his group, have industriously worked to bring Pluto TV to the United Kingdom. The Pluto TV head expressed his thrill with the platform’s global expansion.

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