North and South America Account for Netflix Video Streaming Lead

North and South America Account for Netflix Video Streaming Lead

Netflix is the most widely used video streaming service, thanks to North and South American streaming enthusiasts.

This is the development indicated by the latest report released by Sandvine, a Canadian active network intelligence organization that has an office in California and specializes in Internet traffic research.

In a comprehensive study entitled, “The Global Internet Phenomena Report,” Netflix is said to account for 15 percent of the aggregate downstream traffic all over the Internet.

With that statistical figure, the United States tops 19 percent, marking a three percent increment from the 2017 survey.

Sandvine defined “downstream” as the volume of traffic downloaded from the Internet like a file download, an application download from iTunes, or a video stream.

On the other hand, the company cited “upstream” as the volume of traffic uploaded online like an interactive messaging time or a request for content like browsing the content library of Netflix.

Moreover, based on fresh information from Sandvine, the traffic volume of Netflix in the South and North American regions is what steers the subscription video-on-demand pioneer to international market ascendancy.

The streaming traffic of Netflix at peak times on fixed and not mobile networks can surpass 40 percent on some service networks.

The survey released this month demonstrated that the streaming giant is also in the third position in America’s ten leading up-streamers, increasing its rank by 5.13 percent.  Google, on the other hand, is on the seventh place.

Analysts at Sandvine pointed out that the internal analytics technology of Netflix bookmarks the customers’ browsing areas on the site. This results in a surge in upload traffic and video preview auto-plays.

The streaming service provider with over 130 million international subscribers now occupies the tenth position in streaming video traffic in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) where Google is on the second spot.

In Asia, which includes Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, the subscription video-on-demand juggernaut ranks third at 6.3 percent, ahead of YouTube but behind Facebook.

“The Global Internet Phenomena Report” by Sandvine cited that the provision of more local content and the content-rich library accounts for the strong position of Netflix in the video streaming industry, making it the leading service provider.

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