Piracy Climbs Due to Expensive Streaming of Exclusive Content

Piracy Climbs Due to Expensive Streaming of Exclusive Content

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are among the mainstream streaming services that are popular worldwide.

Avid streaming viewers allocate a portion of their time in a day on their devices to watch the latest and exclusively available content.

Aside from the fiscal benefits of increasing their subscriber base, streaming service providers are apparently creating and releasing their original and exclusive content to make themselves stand out from the rest.

Despite the current global success enjoyed streaming services, their customers are faced with problems because not everyone can afford to gain access to exclusive material.

Among the main reasons is the high price viewers need to pay for in order to avail such premium programming.

This is indicated by the latest report published by Sandvine, an active network intelligence firm based in Canada.

The research organization, which also gathers information about Internet traffic, released its comprehensive study this week entitled, “The Global Internet Phenomena Report.”

Based on the data collected by Sandvine, more streaming service providers nowadays are producing premium content that is exclusively available on one single broadcast or streaming service.

These programs are not available externally or on other streaming platforms. Among the examples of these exclusive content is Netflix’s “House of Cards,” Amazon Prime Video’s “Jack Ryan,” HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” and Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Since most of the exclusive series is based in the United States, the international distribution may have some problems, making access difficult.

Hence, people would just resort to piracy by downloading the series illegitimately because they do not have easy and affordable access to these contents.

Moreover, because it premieres on different dates in various parts of the world, “Game of Thrones” is recorded as the most popularly pirated exclusive content.

The software, BitTorrent, is widely employed for illegally downloading content, according to the report.

“The Global Internet Phenomena Report” confirmed that it could be very costly for streaming consumers to be able to access all of the exclusive content they would like to watch from the diverse service providers.

This causes frustration to them because they are usually unable to watch premium programs without having to pay an additional fee monthly.

Thus, what they would do is subscribe to one streaming service. Then, they would result in piracy in order to avail the rest of the content that they are also interested in watching.

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