Analyst: e-Sports Broadcasting Can Renew Australia’s Traditional TV

Analyst: e-Sports Broadcasting Can Renew Australia's Traditional TV

e-Sports is reckoned to be the resuscitating factor for the broadcasting industry of Australia. This is the analysis made recently by IBISWorld, an international business research firm.

On its latest report, the market think-tank is following the developments on the competitive e-Sports gaming in Australia.  In addition, it is exploring its effects on broadcasters.

e-Sports, a kind of competition using video games, involve professional gamers organized into teams to play in multi-player video game contests.

IBISWorld affirmed that buying the broadcasting license for e-Sports games could become the next wellspring of revenue for Australia’s struggling traditional TV industry.

The market research company with headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and New York City, also indicated that the exciting competition involved in e-Sports had made the game well-known since the latter part of the year 2000.

With over 143 million e-Sports aficionados watching the sport last year, the competitive gaming has maintained its steady share of a large population of international spectators.

The substantial amount of cash prizes won at e-Sports tournaments have been noticeable as well.

They have led to immensely lucrative agreements with mainstream global sponsors like Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Red Bull which support the matches and the teams.

Given this participation and large financial prospects offered by these famous global brands, Australia certainly has to consider the advantageous facet of getting hugely involved in e-Sports, the report said.

The city of Melbourne’s hosting of the inaugural Melbourne e-Sports Open on the first week of September presented the potential for the broadcasting industry of Australia to discover a new stream for revenues.

Over 12,000 e-Sports fans took part to watch the event which also garnered 12 million content views on the Internet.

Liam Harrison, a senior researcher at IBISWorld, remarked that traditional broadcasting in Australia may still be relevant despite most e-Sports games being live-streamed online.

With the expected yearly decline of 2.9 percent over the next five years of Australia’s currently challenged free-to-air TV broadcasting, he advised the country’s broadcasting industry to take advantage of the rise of e-Sports.

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