Video Streaming Propels High-Speed Internet Demand in New Zealand

Video Streaming Propels High-Speed Internet Demand in New Zealand

The prevalence of online video streaming services like Netflix are driving the growth in ultra-fast broadband (UFB) fiber subscriptions in New Zealand.

This has been discovered by the recent study entitled, “The Internet Service Provider Survey,” conducted by Statistics New Zealand, or Stats NZ.

By supplying important details about the kinds of Internet connections and statistics, the research is a yearly survey sent to all Internet service providers in the country.

In August, data released by Roy Morgan, an Australian market research firm, cited that 1.91 million New Zealanders live in a household that has access to Netflix as of June this year.

These numbers demonstrate a 35 percent surge year-on-year, giving the streaming behemoth a more expanded reach than Sky, its video streaming service rival in the country.

With this development showing video streaming consumers’ preferences, the research by Stats NZ indicated that as people spend more time watching content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Lightbox, and avail other on-demand offerings from TVNZ and Sky TV, they found it best not to be anxious about data caps or limits.

Hence, with approximately 70 percent of New Zealander households having broadband Internet access, more video streaming subscribers now avail unlimited UFB fiber data plans, the report by Stats NZ said.

Four years ago, merely 127,000 residential broadband Internet connections did not have bandwidth cap or limitations. This year, those figures now stand at 1.3 million, adding 182,000 in 2017 alone.

From June 2017, approximately 598,000 subscribers have resorted to UFB fiber connections, with these statistical figures surging by 54 percent.

Compared to one in eight households in 2016, one in three homes now avail this type of service.

Laura O’Leary, a research analyst from Stats NZ, cited that, in June, the amount of data which the average household across the country used was 150 gigabytes.

She further explained that this data size is equal to streaming high-definition TV on the Internet for 60 hours.

This is also equivalent to consecutively viewing all of the seven seasons of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” the world-renowned medieval fantasy epic.

Apparently, these developments in the video streaming industry go to show that more New Zealanders prefer higher Internet speeds and the absence of slowdown as they watch videos online.

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