7Plus Streaming Driven by Popular Shows, Vast Library, and Smart TV

7Plus Streaming Driven by Popular Shows, Vast Library, and Smart TV

7Plus streaming service has achieved a milestone. Last week, with over 59.8 million minutes of video-on-demand (VoD) content, it had reached its highest broadcast streaming numbers.

7Plus is the Broadcast VoD (BVoD) offering of Seven Network, a leading Australian TV station and a subsidiary of the major media firm, Seven West Media.

Its achievement of reaching its highest ever BVoD figures makes last week the best in its history. This comes after less than a year of its launching.

Brook Hall, Head of Scheduling for the Seven Network, confirmed that, indeed, after less than a year since its introduction on November 27, 2017, 7Plus is rapidly expanding.

He said that the VoD service had become an important video streaming market player in Australia.

The Seven Network official remarked that it is auspicious to achieve the 60 million VoD streaming minutes’ milestone.

Hall said that this accomplishment could be attributed to the shows that are performing quite well and the vast array of quality viewing materials from 7Plus’s content library.

Among the shows that received most viewership was the return of “The Good Doctor,” the special programming of “Jimmy Barnes,” and the last episode of “800 Words,” together with regular program favorites like “9-1-1” and “Home and Away.”

James Bayes, Seven West Media’s Head of Digital Sales, described 7Plus as more than just a catch-up service. He cited that the commercial free-to-air (FTA), BVoD audiences reached 101 percent year-on-year this September.  

This surge was driven by the connected TV or smart TV’s rapidly increasing popularity. Bayes said that a growing number of advertisers are realizing the power of connected TV in combining the best of digital and broadcasting as “the most effective screen at driving brand outcomes.”

Last week, more than 60 percent of the viewing of 7Plus’s content was performed through a connected TV.

7Plus tallied a total of 80 million streaming minutes last week including live streaming. With 47.3 percent slice of the FTA market, the streaming service ranked as the number one FTA network for live streaming this year.

Premium sporting happenings have driven this development as well. They include the Commonwealth Games, the Winter Olympics, and the Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final.

Moreover, primetime programming like “Sunrise,” “7NEWS,” “All Together Now,” and “MKR” positively contribute to the current FTA status of 7Plus.With these developments, 7Plus is seeing a rosy picture ahead in spite of the increasingly cutthroat competition in the video streaming realm.

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