Apple Gives a Taste of Its Digital TV Service Through Free Content

Apple Gives a Taste of Its Digital TV Service Through Free Content

Technology giant Apple is getting ready with its new digital video offering that will merge subscription services and original programs from traditional or legacy media firms.

Apple and iOS device owners will discover the budding digital TV service in the pre-installed application resembling a TV application.

iOS, which was formerly known as the iPhone Operating System, is a software that supports a computer’s basic functions and are utilized for mobile devices that are manufactured by Apple.

The offering will comprise content owned by Apple and will be free of charge when accessed by those who own an iPad, an iPhone, or an Apple TV.

In addition, subscription channels will also be available for free for the California-based company’s customers, enabling them to register for services that are available only online like those from Starz and HBO. These channels have the likeness of the Prime Video Channel subscriptions of Amazon.

Content will be accessible for all subscribers within the TV application. In that way, they no longer have to download individual applications from different media service providers.

Apple is expected to launch the revamped application by the start of 2019. Recently, the technology juggernaut has been reported to be allocating $1 billion for original content production this year.

The company is aiming for “PG-rated” programs that are acceptable for a wide range of viewers. Apple is eyeing for the production of expensive films that are “tentpole” or those which are expected to earn a lot and, thus, be able to fund the software giant for its less profitable content.

The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, recently revealed his distaste for disturbing content which contains sex and violence. Apple’s original shows that are currently in the works are reported to be family-friendly.

The company has tapped the services of Hollywood A-listers like Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and Jennifer Aniston to help carry out its objectives of wholesome content streaming.

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