Netflix and Sugar23’s New Deal to Deliver Mind-Stimulating Films

Netflix and Sugar23's New Deal to Deliver Mind-Stimulating Films

Movie and streaming enthusiasts can look forward to more unique and engaging content from Netflix.

Michael Sugar, the head and founder of Sugar23, a fledgling content production agency, has sealed a multi-year movie agreement with the leading streaming service provider.

Together with the company’s production executive, Ashley Zalta, Sugar’s firm will make Netflix as its home for content-making projects.

Sugar stated that Netflix is the most suitable partner for his firm.  This is due to the streaming service behemoth’s readiness to take risks which is parallel to Sugar23’s interest in making audacious films.

The deal shows the fortification of Sugar’s ties with the streaming service giant.  The Sugar23 chief executive has collaborated on film projects with Netflix in the past.

These titles include “13 Reasons Why,” “Maniac,” and “The OA.” The Sugar23 head affirmed that he and Zalta had had a previously highly-satisfying working relationship with Netflix.

He said that he believes that their accomplishments would be limitless with the newly inked partnership. Sugar is thrilled as Netflix supports him in making movies that are “daring, thought-provoking, zeitgeist-defining.”

Under the settlement, Netflix will get to look at any movie that Sugar23 intends to produce. Steven Soderbergh, the acclaimed director of “Ocean’s 11” and the world-renowned “The Ocean’s Trilogy,” will have his political thriller, “The Laundromat,” as the first movie of this freshly signed film deal.

The latest movie projects of Sugar outside his new agreement with Netflix are “Hummingbird Salamander” and “Tell Me Everything.” Moreover, his company possesses a first-look TV contract with Anonymous Content.

Scott Stuber, the chief of the movie group of Netflix, praised Sugar for making intelligent and brave decisions and with that, he said that the streaming service provider had already gained benefits.

The Netflix official also lauded the Sugar23 founder for his groundbreaking deep connections and the capacity to look for the best entertainment professionals.

On behalf of Netflix, Stuber expressed his excitement to collaborate with Sugar as they expand their content section.

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