For the News, Australians Prefer and Trust Traditional TV the Most

For the News, Australians Prefer and Trust Traditional TV the Most

Roy Morgan Research announced the findings from their study which gives support to the traditional TV at the height of social media websites and video streaming dominance.

According to statistics provided by the market research firm, more than 13 million viewers from Australia consider the traditional TV as their primary source of the news.

These numerical figures translate to 65.6 percent of news consumers in the country. More than 12.6 million people or 62.3 percent mentioned that they use free-to-air TV to get their dose of current events.

57.8 percent or roughly 11.7 million people consider the Internet as their chief news source, with social media leading the ranks of online sources by 7.5 million news consumers or 36.7 percent.

Roy Morgan Research presented that 5.5 million or 27.3 percent of Australian residents mostly get their news through the newspaper or other news applications or websites.

Printed newspapers are read by 6.3 million people or 31.1 percent, according to the report. As for the radio, an estimated 9.2 million Australians or 45.5 percent consider it as their main news source.

In terms of trust ratings, the study indicated that 7.5 million Australian citizens think that the most reliable source of the news is the traditional TV or 36.7 percent. This makes the classic viewing equipment lead ahead of other traditional or digital devices.

The research demonstrated that the people trust the radio next, which makes it rank second with a 15.9 percent trust rating.

After the radio, people trust news and newspaper applications and websites next at 12.3 percent. Printed newspapers fall on the fourth place, with trust rating at 11.2 percent.

A meager 4.3 percent of Australian citizens view social media as their most dependable source of current events reports.

Michele Levine, the chief executive officer of Roy Morgan Research, believed that the trust and distrust ratings gathered by the firm have indicated that people have a higher degree of trust on established media companies.

These include Fairfax Media, Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). News consumers obviously believe them more than newer kinds of media like social media as attested by the Roy Morgan Research statistics.

Levine said that it is important for these traditional media outlets that have instituted their presence on the Internet to keep and enhance their trusted connections with their audiences.

Apparently, the research conducted by Roy Morgan research, which focuses on the news source preferences of Australians, demonstrate that traditional TV is not on the brink of complete obsolescence in the country.

Despite the rise of cord-cutters, social media, and video streaming, the traditional TV has found welcome strength through the traditional news broadcasting networks and news consumers.

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