Drawbacks of Yesmovies as a Free Streaming Website

Drawbacks of Yesmovies as a Free Streaming Website

With streaming services gaining ground today, movie aficionados may come across the website Yesmovies. It is a streaming website that offers TV shows, independent movies, and low-budget commercial films.

Yesmovies sounds like a welcome addition to the websites which movie fans can go to and relish new and unique content.  Above all, they can access these films and programs free of charge.

The streaming service is perfectly enticing because it offers all the one-of-a-kind and diverse content without having to pay subscription fees, unlike with mainstream services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

However, when asking about the legitimacy of using Yesmovies, it has a disadvantage of not being completely legal.

For one, most, if not all of the content delivered by the streaming website was not procured in a lawful way. Availing the free material translates to copyright infringement.

Yesmovies appears to be grabbing the copyrighted material of content creators, transgressing their prerogatives over the programs and movies that they produced.

Furthermore, the perk of free content comes with stumbling blocks. Add-ons materialize when using Yesmovies which could inconvenience the viewer.

The audiences are also offered items in order to enjoy their viewing experience and to be able to avail other content which may not be a part of the free service.

Cord cutters are now on the rise because of their disdain for expensive cable services. As people are now more into cutting costs, they would rather avail free entertainment services and avoid anything costly.

With Yesmovies’s free service, it is indubitably a temptation for today’s common audiences.  In this manner, they do not have to shell out a certain amount and just save their money for other worthwhile purposes.

In addition, they do not have to hold on for exceptional content to entertain themselves. Audiences would just brush aside worrying about getting penalized under the law for accessing free content.

They would normally reckon that it is not a serious matter at all and would direct the culpability to the streaming service’s operators.

This goes to show that no matter how expensive streaming services and cable packages may be, they are safer and legal.  These services, compared to those like Yesmovies, lawfully obtain the necessary authorization to deliver content.

Without any worries of litigation and being shut down anytime by the federal authorities, streaming services and cable packages have the licenses and are under the legal agreement with the content rights holders to deliver their entertainment services.

Unlike Yesmovies, streaming providers, cable services, and their customers do not shortchange those who work hard to produce movies and programs and legally distribute them.

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