Netflix’s 3-Month Promo Offered to Selected PlayStation Plus Users

Netflix's 3-Month Promo Offered to Selected PlayStation Plus Users

Some PlayStation Plus customers may have recently received an e-mail message from Netflix. The patrons of Sony’s ultimate gaming experiences reported that they would be able to enjoy free access to Netflix’s premium content as stated by the promotional message.

Although Sony and Netflix have made no official announcement, discussion about this special promotion had been a hot topic this weekend on social media.

However, the e-mail messages are reported to have been sent to selected PlayStation Plus consumers.  No confirmation has been made yet if the offer extends to Netflix’s international customers.

The subject line of the e-mail stated “A Netflix Gift for You.” In the letter, the “gift” has a duration of three months of streaming free of charge.  It is specially offered to PlayStation Plus members for their loyalty.

Moreover, Netflix reportedly advised the selected beneficiaries in the promotional e-mail to redeem the special offer any time prior to the end of November.

PlayStation Plus users who are also Netflix customers or those who have already registered for a Netflix account will get to avail the special promo offer.

Netflix subscribers can use it to tack onto their current subscriptions’ remaining days. In addition, for non-Netflix members, they can enjoy the offer of the promotional e-mail message as an extended trial of the streaming service.

Upon receipt of the e-mail message from Netflix, PlayStation Plus subscribers will then have to enter their information into the website. Then, they would receive a redemption code with details on how to use it.

With the three-month passes sent to the loyal subscribers of Sony, PlayStation Plus customers can, therefore, enjoy Netflix content like the supernatural TV series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and the animated show “Castlevania.”

Furthermore, the special promo can be used to avail, the screenplay adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s gothic horror novel, “The Haunting of Hill House” as well as Marvel’s “Daredevil.”

The promotional e-mail recipients are advised to stay updated for more information about Netflix’s special offer.

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