New AT&T Device to Help Get More Customers for DirecTV Now by 2019

New AT&T Device to Help Get More Customers for DirecTV Now by 2019

Beta-testing for AT&T’s new Android TV-based streaming device is underway for its DirecTV Now streaming service.

The forthcoming set-top box is reported to facilitate obtaining more customers. During AT&T’s third-quarter earnings call today, its Communications CEO, John Donovan, confirmed that the equipment is anticipated to help promote AT&T’s DirecTV Now streaming business.

The executive from the world’s largest telecommunications service provider explicitly described the gadget as to be using “the common platform we introduced with DirecTV Now.”

Donovan informed that the tiny set-top box would be available as a trial service. Should there be no issues encountered, it will be available in the market within the first six months of 2019, with the onset of the new year being the earliest.

With model number C71KW-400 as reported by reliable news sources, the AT&T gadget will let streaming enthusiasts access other streaming applications.

Being Android TV-powered, it consists of a voice search controller. In addition, it includes an HDMI output, one USB port, and is optical audio-compatible.

AT&T’s customers will, hence, be able to view DirecTV Now offerings and other streaming services in their households.

Donovan referred to the product as the “thin client-based service” and is the succeeding step in moving AT&T’s DirecTV cable subscribers to their DirecTV Now streaming service.

The Android TV-based set-top box is also viewed as a way for AT&T to gain more cord cutters, offering them streaming TV access without the prerequisite of installing a satellite dish.

According to AT&T on its third-quarter earnings report today, the firm is reported to be experiencing a dwindling pay-TV business. This quarter, AT&T’s Uverse and DirecTV ventures lost grip of 346,000 customers.

Although DirecTV’s direct-to-consumer streaming service, DirecTV Now, gained 49,000 new accounts and had 1.86 million total subscribers, it is still dwarfed by Netflix.

The streaming giant gained 1.09 million new domestic members in the third quarter.

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