Mexico’s Televisa Studios to Collaborate with Netflix Again

Mexico's Televisa Studios to Collaborate with Netflix Again

Mexico’s Televisa Studios confirmed that the content of Netflix would be present in the company’s streaming platform again besides its new content offerings for 2019.

In February 2016, Televisa launched Blim as its streaming platform. The company withdrew all the original contents of Netflix, seeing them as competition with their own over-the-top (OTT) service.

Being an on-demand video subscription platform, Blim is offered through the Internet and requires payment for monthly subscriptions.

Nevertheless, change is in the air as Televisa is bringing back original movies and TV series from the streaming service giant.

Patricio Wills, the chief executive of Televisa Studios, remarked that the company is getting ready with their collaboration with multiple international OTT and content players.

Among the digital entertainment firms included in the partnership are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, TNT, Sony, and Endemol.

In fact, Televisa has already launched series with Amazon Prime Video such as “Un Extraño Enemigo” and “Diablo Guardián.”

Pablo Iacoviello, Amazon Prime Video’s chief executive for content acquisition in Latin America, expressed his delight on behalf of his company.

He said that it had been a great encounter to work together with the Mexican mass media and multi-media organization. Amazon Prime Video has discovered a great partner, Iacoviello added.

Among the contents that the company is readying for digital platforms are “Jungla, “Pueblo Chico,” and “Felizmente.”

Together with the announcement, Willis also presented Televisa’s content offerings for the coming year.

During the official announcement, advertising agencies, prominent investors, and its clients were in attendance.  Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the president-elect of Mexico, was also at the event.

Willis described the new content offerings of Televisa as briefer, ingenious, and possessing more dynamic formats.

The Televisa Alternative Originals unit was assigned for the premiere of Televisa’s new programs for 2019.

This branch has been responsible for content production in partnership with Amazon Prime Video and other firms.

Comedy, adapted literature, and science fiction is among the genres which the new contents cover.

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