Expiring Contract Leaves HBO and Dish Network in Discord

Expiring Contract Leaves HBO and Dish Network in Discord

Customers of both HBO and Dish Network today may have experienced the inconvenience of having the movie channel and its other channels like Cinemax going off air.

This rare event follows after the movie network and the pay TV provider failed to reach an agreement.

The controversial deal focuses on replacing a contract which has expired on the midnight of October 31. The uncertain event is the first-ever occurrence in the history of HBO.

Its channels have never been “blacked out” before. HBO and Dish Network gave contradictory accounts regarding the distribution fiasco.

In a statement, Dish Network cited that AT&T demands it to pay for a “guaranteed number of subscribers.”

HBO’s parent firm is allegedly not taking the number of customers that actually desire to become HBO subscribers into consideration.

However, Simon Sutton, the president of HBO, remarked that Dish Network already had an identical settlement to pay for a set amount of customers.

The satellite TV network and premium cable firm have already offered the pay TV provider lower and more affordable rates to pay for.

This enables Dish Network to just pay less. Sutton added that such agreements are not rare in the business.

Both HBO and Dish Network confirmed that they have offered each other the choice to give an extension to the expiring agreement.

This would happen simultaneously with the negotiations for a new contract. According to Dish Network’s officials, HBO reportedly refused its proposal to offer to continue under the expiring agreement.

The pay TV company intended to resolve the difference between the latter and the new agreements once a new contract has been created.

On the other hand, HBO’s Sutton cited that his company offered to merely carry on with the expiring contract until a new one has been worked out.

Nonetheless, he said that Dish declined their proposal. Furthermore, Sutton opposed the allegations that HBO’s parent organization had any influence over the talks with Dish.

The HBO head pointed out that the pay TV company seemed uninterested in reaching an agreement. He said that Dish Network may have decided to stop their presentations beforehand.

As the ongoing dispute between HBO and Dish Network lingers, a website has been helping the pay TV provider’s subscribers to access HBO, including DirecTV, as a response of the movie network to the blackout.

Costing disagreements between distributors and content providers are commonplace. At times, Dish Network has prohibited access to other channels like Univision, the Spanish-language channel, which is presently dark.

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